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New here and unsure of where to begin? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve highlighted a few articles on my blog that will help you get started. :)


Regular Topics

The Weekend Five (formerly The Friday Five): Every weekend, I post a themed top five list that can vary as much as the songs in my iTunes (read: a LOT). These posts can provide advice (Travel Tips for the New Year, Small Tips for Being Slightly Classier and More Grown Up, Rules of Text Message Etiquette) or simply random observations (Profile Pictures that Every Girl Has Posted, Literary Characters Whose Problems Could Have Been Solved With Love, Terrible Party Themes).

Relationships & Friendship: As college students and twenty-somethings, our relationships are often at the forefront of our lives! From Facebook relationship statuses to the Anti-Prince Charming to the ethics of boyfriend snatching, my relationship articles draw on personal experiences and cover a variety of topics that affect us all.

Pop Culture: Pop culture drives a lot of our expectations in life and love. Some of my posts (Romantic Comedy Plots That Don’t Work Out in Real Life, Spoiler Alert: Next Season on ‘The Real World’, Things That Pop Culture Taught Me to Expect About Falling in Love) focus specifically on pop culture and what is in the media today.

Books & Literature: I’m an avid reader, so naturally the books I read have made their way into the blogs I’ve written. I love to relate passages or characters from literature into modern-day situations that so many of us face. I’ve written about The House on Mango Street and waiting by the window, The Joy Luck Club and the conflict of innocent vs. hope, and Paper Towns and our sense of identity, just to name a few.

Career Happiness: Isn’t this something we all strive for? Take a look at my articles about Advice for Communication Students, Choosing a Major: Why Expectations Aren’t Everything, and Growing Into Yourself to get started.

Reviews: I have written a few reviews for relevant products/books that my readers would find useful. If you have a product you would like me to review, please reach out via the Contact page.

Link Love Wednesday: This is my weekly round-up of articles from the web! The topics vary but the feature is a fun way to break up the week. :)

Most Popular Blogs

For some reason, readers can’t get enough of some of these posts! The following blogs have gained their popularity over the years through Pinterest, links from other bloggers, Google searches and more. Be sure to check them out!

Author’s Favorites

These blogs may not have the most hits, but they were some of my favorites to write!

The Freshman 15

My blog includes a  feature with 15 tips for college students based on that month’s theme. Below is the full list of articles for your viewing pleasure!


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